G42 Leadership Academy is a 9 month training program designed to mobilize leaders to plant missional communities that establish the Kingdom of God around the world.  Our graduates, and their communities, pioneer and serve at ministries and businesses that reverse oppression, and reveal God's love wherever they go.


“Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life.”

– Matthew 28:19


First Three Months

In the classroom in Mijas, Spain. Teachings in the first three months are focused on the core teachings of Christ, developing a "well worn path to the tree of life", and becoming men and women who cannot be stopped in our pursuit of Christ and His Kingdom.


Middle Three Months

On the field, practicing and applying the concepts taught in the first three months, and actively becoming "God with Skin On". Interns will practice living above the fog, not circumstantially or emotionally, as they release the Kingdom of God.


Last Three Months

Back in the classroom solidifying revelations learned, sharing practicum lessons, and celebrating together. Teaching will focus on practical application, and preparing interns to launch into a new way of life after G42. 

The Place


The G42 Leadership Academy is located in Mijas, a mountain village tucked away on the Costa del Sol of Spain.

The Teachers/Staff


“Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

1 Corinthians 11:1

Intern Lifestyle


Community Living

Interns live in traditional Spanish homes together. Living as a family is a fundamental practice of growth, stretching, and grace.


Kitchen Table

Interns who live in the same house eat dinner together on class days. Interns also host teachers for weekly dinners. The kitchen table is the place of fostering an environment of hospitality, family and celebration.



Interns have class four and a half days a week, Monday through Friday morning. Each week, there is a new leader teaching on a particular subject they seek to impart to the interns.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Program Dates?

G42 begins a 9 month term every fall and spring.
G42 Fall runs September - May.
G42 Spring runs March - November.


How much does it cost?

Tuition is $9,800 and includes all room and board, as well as flights to and from the middle three month practicum. 


Am I too Young (or too old)?

Interns must be 21 years of age but all ages above are welcome. We are a multigenerational school.


Who will I be learning from?

Our teachers are leaders from all over the world and various walks of life, as well as staff elders.


Can I bring my spouse?

We desire that married couples both participate in the program together. Separate tuition required.


What are the visa requirements?

The program is set up to allow our interns to be completely legal within Spain requirements. No paperwork is necessary.


Can I work/go to school while at G42?

We recommend interns set aside 9 months to fully immerse themselves in the program with no other obligations, however, some of the 3 month practicums encourage and allow for either local or remote work. Expenses for lodging/food are covered in tuition.


Are there different focus areas?

No. G42 training is designed to equip leaders to live and teach a way of life seeking first the Kingdom. The training supports planting community or joining or starting a ministry or missional business.  


Do I need to have any pre-requisites?

G42 interns must have some form of previous leadership experience. While many of our interns have done the World Race, it is not a requirement.



A main component of G42 is practice in partnership with existing ministries and/or communities. While in the field, interns will need to balance work, ministry, and community life, while practicing what "seeking first the Kingdom" looks like every day.